Promotions, Transfers & Title Changes

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.

Jasmine Hui has been appointed Head of Revenue Strategy and Systems.

Linda Tse has been appointed Head of Sales HKG.

Connie Yip has been appointed Revenue Project Manager.

Customer Relationship & Retail
Jasmine Chan has been promoted to Head of Loyalty Strategy, Analytics & Customer Experience Design.

Christopher Chang has been appointed Head of Customer Relationship Transformation Office.

Aldric Chau has been retitled Head of Retail, eCommerce and Travel Partnerships.

Corinna Kwan has been appointed Head of Operations & Airline Partnerships.

Lance Kwong, currently Chief Commercial Officer of Asia Miles Ltd., has also assumed the
responsibilities of Head of Financial Services & Lifestyle Partnerships.

Cheuk Lo has been appointed Head of Customer Relationships.

Paul Smitton, currently Chief Executive Officer of Asia Miles Ltd., has also assumed the
responsibilities of General Manager of Customer Relationship & Retail.

Mark Windmill, currently Chief Financial Officer of Asia Miles Ltd., has also assumed the
responsibilities of Head of Finance.

Jennifer Wong She has been appointed General Counsel.

HK Express 
Barry Wong Ying Kui has been promoted to Grade B as Director, Finance.

Information Technology
Kenneth Lee has been appointed General Manager IT Solutions.

Sales and Distribution
Allen So has been appointed Head of Distribution Strategy.

Jessica Chan has been appointed Head of Performance and Reward.

Jennifer Zheng Yue has been appointed Commercial Manager, Greater Bay Area.

Chongqing New Qinyuan Bakery Co. Ltd.

Kira Li Biqi has been appointed Operations Manager.


HAECO Hong Kong
Kurt Berry has been appointed Line Maintenance Manager (CoE Planning & Control).

Dennis Hui has been appointed Executive General Manager, Line Services.

Danny Lai has been appointed Business Improvement Manager (Customer Project).

Raymond Leung has been promoted to Grade B as General Manager Commercial.

Jacob Ma has been appointed Design Engineering Manager.

Roger Mak has been appointed Planning Manager (Project).

Peter Murton has been appointed General Manager Line Maintenance (Centre of Excellence).

Patrick Wong has been appointed Executive General Manager, Operations Support.

Andy Yeung has been appointed Head of Quality.

International Automobiles Ltd.

Dick Chan Pui Shing has been retitled Sales Operations Manager.

John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd.

Maisie Chan Mei Ning has been appointed Senior Treasury Manager, Swire Pacific Ltd.

Michelle Chan Mun Sheung of Finance & Accounts Department has been promoted to Grade D as Supervisor.

Man Cheng Yuen Man of Swire Pacific Ltd. – Group Finance Department has been promoted to Grade C as Financial Accountant.

Mark Konrad has been appointed Corporate Finance Manager, Swire Pacific Ltd.

Vicki Law Ka Mei of Company Secretary’s Department has been promoted to Grade D as Assistant Company Secretary.

Kay Lin Kit Man of Group Internal Audit Department has been promoted to Senior Auditor.

Bonnie Sze Ching of HK Archive Service has been promoted to Head of HK Archive Service.

Jenny Wong Ching Yee of Staff Department has been promoted to Assistant Manager Communications & Event Sponsorship, Diversity & Inclusion.

Olivia Wong Ka Ying has been retitled Group Head of Diversity and Inclusion.

Angel Wong Lai Yin of HK Archive Service has been promoted to Heritage Manager.

Mike Yung Yik Hin of Group Internal Audit Department has been promoted to Senior Auditor.

Steamships Trading Co. Ltd.

Arthur Burnand has been retitled General Manager – Property Development and Projects.

Swire Coca-Cola Ltd.

Ernest To Chiu Yin has been promoted to Grade B as Director, Corporate Finance.

Swire Pacific Offshore

Anthony Stewart has been appointed Financial Controller.

Swire Properties Ltd.


Sara Li has been appointed Assistant Human Resources Manager.

Hardy Wang has been appointed e-Services Operations Manager.

Taikoo Li Sanlitun
Cici Chen has been appointed Assistant Portfolio Manager.

Everest Marshall has been appointed Portfolio Officer.

Ren Jian Hua has been appointed Technical Manager.

Charles Yang has been appointed Assistant Promotions Manager.


Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu
Francis Lo Man San has been appointed Assistant Portfolio Manager.

Wang Qiang has been appointed Head of Business Development (Chengdu Representative


Taikoo Hui
Victor Kwok has been appointed Assistant Marketing Manager.

Hong Kong

Customer Relationship Management
Selina Miao has been appointed Manager, Customer Relationship Management Strategy.

Development & Valuations
Elaine Fong has been appointed Assistant Development Manager.

Matthew Shairp has been appointed Development Officer – D&V.

Chris Li has been appointed Manager – Finance Transformation & Investor Relations.

Perveen Wong has been appointed Head of Finance Transformation & Investor Relations.

Karly Yuen has been appointed Manager – Finance Transformation & Investor Relations.

Information Technology
Fiona Ma will be retitled Director, Marketing, Communications and Digital.

Portfolio Management
Fioni Cheung Ka Hei has been appointed Assistant Marketing & Promotions Manager (CGMO).

Erica Wang Hoi Yan has been appointed Property Officer (CPMO).

Kevin Ma has been appointed Project Manager.

Retail Marketing
Lodewijk Vriens has been appointed Marketing Officer – Retail Marketing.

Heman Chan has been appointed Development Manager.

Daniel Chong, currently Director, Projects (Mainland China), has also assumed the
responsibilities of General Manager, Business Development (Qiantan).

Amanda Wang Siqi has been appointed Senior Business Development Officer.

Carlos Zhang has been appointed Head of Business Development (Shanghai Representative Office).

Rocky Lee has been appointed Assistant Project Manager.

Taikoo Sugar Ltd.

Chan Wai Kit of Finance & Administration Department has been promoted to Assistant IT Manager.

Clover Huang Pingping of Sales & Marketing Department has been promoted to Grade D as Assistant Manager – China Retail.
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Finding her niche

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Promotions, Transfers & Title Changes

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