Promotions, Transfers and Title Changes

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.

Wayne Chong Wing Ho has been appointed Assistant Manager Digital Sales.

Chris Buckley has been appointed General Manager Finance & Performance.

Della Ng has been appointed Head of Finance Services.

Inflight Service Delivery
Wendy Kwok Wan Yee has been appointed Head of Employee Relations and Communications.

Sales & Distribution, HKG & GBA
Kim Fong Yat Lam has been appointed Assistant Manager Global Sales Excellence.


Cathay Pacific Catering Services
Anthony Stewart has been appointed Finance Manager.

Ethos International Ltd.

Mary Ku Fu Ling has been appointed Finance Manager.


HAECO Hong Kong
Matilda Chan has been appointed General Manager, Component Repair & Overhaul.

Biondi Kam has been appointed HRMS Project Manager (Business).

CF Lai has been appointed General Manager, Line Maintenance (Overseas Customers Group).

Thomas Lau has been appointed Manager (Value Engineering).

MH Tang has been appointed Manager (Customer Support).

Wallace Wong has been appointed Manager (Repair Management).

Chongqing New Qinyuan Bakery Co. Ltd.

Judy Yeung Hiu Ching has been appointed Marketing Manager – Visual Merchandizing.

John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd.

Andrea Chu On Yee has been appointed Group Accounts Manager, Swire Pacific Ltd.

Jennifer Chuen Yee Lam of Staff Department has been promoted to Grade D as Senior Personnel Officer.

Carlo Chui Kam Hung has been appointed Manager, Data & Analytics.

Winnie Ip Ka Wai has been appointed Accounting Manager.

Jason Li Ka Chun has been appointed Assistant Manager Digital, Swire Pacific Ltd.

Lo Tin Wai has been appointed Recruitment Officer.

Ian Ngai has been appointed Group Treasurer, Swire Pacific Ltd.

Nicole Angela Trantallis has been appointed Finance Analyst, Swire Trust.

Mark Robert Watson has been retitled Group Head of Sustainability.

Alan Yu Cheuk Hung has been appointed Financial Accountant, Swire Pacific Ltd.

Swire Coca-Cola Ltd.

Hugh Hsu has been appointed Digital Leadership Executive.

Charlotte Rumberg has been appointed New Business Executive.

Shanghai Shen-Mei Beverage and Food Co. Ltd.
Michelle Lim has been appointed Sales Representative.

Swire Coca-Cola (China) Ltd.
Cassie Zhou Ge has been appointed Assistant Manager, Trade Marketing.

Swire Coca-Cola HK Ltd.
Jamie Morrison has been appointed New Product Development Commercialization Manager.

Swire Guangdong Coca-Cola Zhanjiang Ltd.
Mote Pooley has been appointed Logistics Director.

Swire Properties Ltd.


Everest Marshall has been appointed Portfolio Officer.

Mark Wang Tianbin has been promoted to Grade B as Deputy General Manager.

Hong Kong

New Ventures
Ella Walter has been appointed New Ventures Associate.

Portfolio Management
Lydia Dowden has been appointed Property Officer, TPMO.

Zoe Pavri has been appointed Property Officer, PPMO. 

Michal Tkocz has been appointed Property Officer, CGMO.


Joanna Ku Yuk Chun has been retitled Assistant Director-Retail (Chinese mainland).

Taikoo Motors Group

Laurent Powell Tse has been appointed Assistant Manager.

The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd.

Nick Bury has been appointed Head of eCommerce & Digital Manager.

Hector Gash has been appointed Assistant Commercial Manager.

Antony Riley has been appointed Senior Chartering Manager.

Jamie Gordon has been appointed Business Development Manager.

Port Moresby
Tom Spearman has been appointed Marketing Manager.
Embracing inclusion

Embracing inclusion

Mentoring to success

Mentoring to success


Promotions, Transfers and Title Changes


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