September 2016
Paddle Power

The enthusiastic dragon boat racers from the Swire Dinosaurs and Dragons team pictured at the event held in June.
The enthusiastic Swire Dragons and Swire Dinosaurs team members.

Tuen Ng Festival this year meant something more than rice dumplings for two John Swire & Sons (HK) Limited dragon boat teams, and the loyal support teams keeping them fed and watered and cheering them on to greater efforts.

As the team names suggest, the Swire Dinosaurs are senior staff members, whose key strength lies in their staying power, while the Swire Dragons are young Management Trainees, keen to flex their muscles and show off their greater speed. For this year's race, some paddlers were dragon boat veterans, while others were newbies to the sport, so there were varied styles and levels of experience – but all shared the same Swire spirit to strive for excellence.

Both teams drew participants from a variety of different companies and locations, but despite the logistical challenges this presented, everyone made great efforts to get together to put in hours of diligent practice in the weeks leading up to the Sun Life Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships on 9th June. On the day, the teams competed neck and neck with the other challengers, with the Swire Dinosaurs demonstrating that age and experience do count, by earning a creditable place in the final and then posting a new JS&S record, with a race time of just one minute and 18 seconds.

Performance aside, the chance to enjoy a day on the water at Stanley Beach provided a rare treat for all involved.

The Dinosaurs and Dragons are already discussing their 2017 paddling strategies!

Swire Dragon Boat Teams 2016
Watch the competition highlights of the Swire Dragon Boat teams at Stanley on 9th June.
Swire Soap
Great team spirit ensured all the soaps were nicely packed within a morning session.
Jock's Pot 2016
Jock's Pot 2016
Paddle Power
Paddle Power
Kayaking the Kwanza
Kayaking the Kwanza
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