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The Scott Cup 2017

The 68th Scott Cup Competition took place at the Shek O Golf Club in Hong Kong on 10th February 2017. As tradition appears to dictate for the annual golfing gathering, it was the coldest day of the year in Hong Kong, with temperatures plummeting to a chilly 12°C. This made the playing conditions particularly difficult for our overseas guests from Kenya, Australia, the US and Singapore. By contrast, visitors from Tokyo, Beijing and Manchester found the conditions positively balmy, with Graham Bardsley, the UK Scott Cup Winner, thriving in the relative heat and claiming the runner-up prize with a very creditable score of 36 Stableford points.

The Scott Cup Champion for 2017, winning the trophy for a record fourth time, was the ever-popular, ever-competitive James Barrington from HAECO, with a score of 38 points off a handicap of seven.

James Barrington from HAECO receives the trophy from John Slosar.
James Barrington from HAECO receives the trophy from John Slosar.

The runner-up prize went to Graham Bardsley of Cathay Pacific Airways (UK).
The runner-up prize went to Graham Bardsley of Cathay Pacific Airways (UK).

The second runner-up was Patrick Wong, also from HAECO, with a score of 35 points, edging out Eddie Tsao of Cathay Pacific Catering Services and Martin Murray of Cathay Pacific on a count-back.

The Rose Bowl was won by Cathay Pacific's Yumiko Noguchi.
The Rose Bowl was won by Cathay Pacific's Yumiko Noguchi.

The Alethea Scott Rose Bowl (now in its 54th year) was won for the second year running by Cathay Pacific's Yumiko Noguchi, with a score of 39 points off a handicap of 25. The runner-up was Lily Liang, also of Cathay Pacific and also off a handicap of 25, with a score of 37 points.

The Rose Bowl was originally presented to the Swire Group by Mrs Scott – wife of JS&S Director, John Swire Scott – in 1964, as a trophy for the wives of Scott Cup competitors. The field for the Rose Bowl is now up to 14 players and growing year-on-year, and there have been increasing requests from male spouses to enter the competition.

An executive decision was made to reserve the Rose Bowl for the ladies, but to allow a male spouse to compete for the Taikoo Cup, a trophy donated by Sir John Swire in 1973 for the leading Hong Kong-based golfer. As a result, the Taikoo Cup was won this year by Ernest Wong, husband of Kelly Chak from Cathay Pacific Services Limited, with a score of 38 points.

Kelly Chak herself won the women's nearest-the-pin prize for the fourth hole. Nero Jung of Cathay Pacific was closest to the pin on the 17th and Nakano Sumiko of Cathay Pacific had the straightest drive on the 13th.

The men's novelty prizes went to Ed Higgs and Colin Siem of Cathay Pacific for nearest-the-pin holes, while the longest drive (at 263.2 yards) was a tie between Jackie Lee of Cathay Pacific and James Ong of China Navigation.

The Award for Sportsmanship (which means the lowest Stableford points score!) went to Alfy Weston of Cathay Pacific, playing in his first Scott Cup. Alfy was apparently delighted with his score of 13 points!

Thanks are due to Mr and Mrs John Slosar for hosting the awards dinner at No.3 Shek O and for presenting the winners with their trophies.


The UK Scott Cup qualifier was held on 15th June at the Royal Wimbledon Golf Club, with 18 competitors representing five group companies. In occasionally damp conditions, Captain Dave Boggon of Cathay Pacific won the Taikoo London Trophy with 34 points off a handicap of six, while Graham Bardsley of Cathay Pacific Manchester, runner-up on 33 points, won the trip to Hong Kong. Norman Gray of Swire Oilfield Services won nearest-the-pin and Julian Davies of Finlays, the longest drive.

North America

The North American Scott Cup was held on 9th September 2016 at the Park Meadows Country Club in Park City, Utah. Thirty golfers representing Swire Coca-Cola, United States Cold Storage, HAECO and Purestream Services participated, with Eric Anderson of Swire Coca-Cola, Arizona, winning the tournament.


The Scott Cup qualifier took place on 2nd December 2016, at Moore Park Golf Club, Sydney. Local Sydney competitors were joined by the winners of the four inter-state competitions held in November: Meng Chung Thong (Cathay Pacific) from Western Australia, Tate Plummer (Cathay Pacific) from Victoria, Jared Hatfield (Swire Cold Storage) from Queensland and Gareth Lloyd (Cathay Pacific) from South Australia. Retirees Peter Lamrock and Mike Courtney joined 21 other golfers representing six associated Swire companies for the tournament. The golfing conditions were perfect, with the course in great condition; the sun shone the whole way around and there was only a light breeze. It was very warm (around 30°C), but it felt cool when compared to last year's playing conditions (41°C).

The winner of the local competition, the Martin Speyer Trophy, was David Gibson from Polar Fresh with 35 points. Additional trophies went to the winners of the Retirees Trophy, Mike Courtney, Cathay Pacific Cup, Murray Cassar and the Ross Gregg Shipping Trophy, Denis Speyer. The winner of the John Masson Armada Plate and the trip to Hong Kong to represent Swire Australia was Tate Plummer, who scored 36, off an impressive handicap of five.


The Scott Cup Competition was held on 12th November 2016 at Kericho Golf Club. There were 40 participants who played in fine weather. Nicholas Tonui emerged the winner, with 34 points, playing off a handicap of 20. Sammy Kirui was the runner-up and Chris Birgen took third place, while Simeon Hutchinson came fourth. Nicholas therefore represented the East Africa Region in the final Scott Cup competition in Hong Kong.

The Scott Cup 2017


The Southeast Asia Scott Cup was held at the Singapore Island and Country Club on 4th November. This year the weather was not so kind and play was interrupted by an extended thunderstorm. Perhaps it was the long delay, or perhaps it was the copious amount of beer on hand, but there seemed to be more competition for the Wooden Spoon than the winner's trophy. The top prizes were dominated by the usual favourites, with Lee Ingram ("CNCo") picking up both nearest-the-pin and longest drive, while James Ong ("CNCo") won the trophy for a second time, with a respectable score of 37 Stableford points. Alistair Beck claimed the Wooden Spoon with eight Stableford points.

Mainland China

The Swire China Scott Cup was held at Xiamen Kaikou Golf Club on 15th November 2016. Twenty-four players from most of the Swire operating companies in China joined the tournament. The competition started in the afternoon after a half-day warm-up round and Thomas Woolsey, Swire Properties' Senior Portfolio Officer, was the winner.


The Japan Scott Cup qualifier was held on 13th May 2016 at Narita Taiheiyo Club. This year, there were 26 players from the various Cathay Pacific outports and the winner was Takao Kobayashi, Cargo Sales Manager East Japan, who scored 31 points.


The qualifier took place on 19th December at Tashee Golf Club, in Taoyuan County. This year, there were a total of five teams (19 players), representing Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, Swire Coca-Cola Beverages, Taikoo Motors and Swire Travel.

The weather for the tournament was sunny and the participants had a fabulous time golfing and catching up. This year's champion was Jeffery Chen from Cathay Pacific, who received his trophy from Ian Shiu, who recently retired from the Swire group. Several prizes were also given for nearest-the-pin and longest-drive and Mr Shiu thanked all the players for their participation and support for the event.

The Scott Cup 2017
The Scott Cup 2017
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