September 2017
Dragons & Dinosaurs – Paddles up!

This year's Tuen Ng Dragon Boat Festival saw two Swire teams competing at the Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships held in Hong Kong on 30th May. The event is an annual highlight for young management trainees, who compete as the Swire Dragons, and a great opportunity for them to build team spirit. This year, the Dragons were once again joined by the Swire Dinosaurs, a team of slightly more 'mature' paddlers, made up of senior executives and managers from around the Swire group.

Both teams put in weeks of practice, through rain and shine, in the lead-up to the championships, with lots of sweat, aching muscles, and laughter going into the rigorous training programme. And their dedication paid off, with the Dragons achieving their best result ever, with a time of just 1 minute, 26 seconds in the 270-metre race; meanwhile, the Dinosaurs brought home a trophy from the Silver Cup final, with a best time of 1 minute, 17 seconds.

Asked about their race tactics, Wayne Chong from Cathay Pacific says the Dragons had a good paddling strategy: "Deep! Hard! Long! – 'DHL' – was the only thing in my mind when I was paddling. To stay focused, and to immerse myself fully as part of the team."

It was a great performance by all concerned. Karen Kwan from John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Limited, a Dinosaurs veteran, says she decided to compete again this year because: "I just love the teamwork, collaboration and synchronicity. It's a microcosm of how the Swire teams work in together on a daily basis, across different industries."

And after such a great result, both teams are looking forward to next year's festival.

The Swire Dinosaurs

Swire Dragons

The Swire Dinosaurs (top) and Swire Dragons (bottom) team members come from different business divisions across the Swire group.
Charity Begins at Home
Charity Begins at Home
Dragons & Dinosaurs – Paddles up!
Dragons & Dinosaurs – Paddles up!
Making Swire Places
Making Swire Places
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Swire News - September 2017
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